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Genealogical Research in the middle Black Forest

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The Dilgers

(1) Origin of the name "Dilger"

[as of 28-February-2005]
(2) Earliest Dilger occurences NEU
[as of 1-March-2015]
(3) My own line

[as of 18-February-2007]
(4a) The Dilgers in Germany
[as of 12-February-2007]

(4b) The Dilgers all over the World

[as of 13-February-2007]
(5) Dilger pedigrees

[as of 2-March-2007]

(6) Remarkable bearers of the name
[as of 5-March-2005]

Direct Ancestors - Ahnentafel and Lists

(7a) List of surnames and index of all persons with temporal classification
(7b) Ahnentafel with some portraits
(listed in generation order)
Snapshot of the page with Dieter and Ursula Dilger
[as of 30-April-2007]

(8) Ancestor tree -
a diagram with eight generations back to the 18th century
(pdf file, 10 kB)
[as of 27-February-2002]
(9a) Complete list of my father's ancestors
(Excel file, 245 kB)
[as of 5-September-2002]

Download as Zip file (74 kB)

(9b) Complete list of my mother's ancestors
(Excel file, 346 kB)
[as of 5-September-2002]

Download as Zip file (101 kB)
(10) Birth places of my ancestors in seven generations -
A diagram
[as of 28-July-2002]

(11) Geographical distribution of my ancestors

(general map and detail map)
[as of 7-April-2002]
(12) Ancestors of Agnes, countess of Wuerttemberg -
one of my 29x great-grandmothers (Kekulé No. 1722889)
(index and list in generational order)
[as of 29-July-2001]

Side Lines

(13) FAMILY TREES of families from the region around Schramberg and Rottweil

e. g. the families Moosmann, Neef/Neff, Reuter, Roming and Rapp
(14) List of surnames and their frequency in my archives
[as of 8-March-2004]
(15) Interactive overview of the complete archive -
all persons in my data record
[as of 16-February-2001]


(16) Historical maps and material about the former territory of the county of Schramberg and its surrounding area
Old illustrations of farms, houses and churches
[as of 30-May-2005]
(17) Topographical maps from the area of the Black Forest -
Perspective views and altitude maps
Topographical map of Schramberg - altitude information
[as of 4-August-2004]
(18) Satellite and aerial pictures
Satellite picture of the Black Forest
[as of 13-November-2005]
(19) Geographical distribution of my ancestors

(general map and detail map)
[as of 7-April-2002]


(20) General Information
[as of 07-April-2005]
(21) Strangers and Vagabonds

[as of 13-April-2005]
(22) Immigration from Switzerland, Austria, and other countries
[as of 10-April-2005]
(23) Emigration to South East Europe and Russia, to North and South America, to Great Britain, France, and other destinations

[as of 29-November-2005]

Sources of my research - church book copies, documents and literature

(24) Information on church books
[as of 12-November-2005]
(25) Civil documents and lists
[as of 12-November-2005]
(26) Archives NEU
[as of 10-May-2015]
(27) Publications and literature
[as of 21-February-2007]
(28) Further sources
[as of 12-November-2005]

Further Information

(29) Places and regions with a direct connection to my ancestors
[as of 13-February-2007]
(30) Gallery - Portraits of individuals and photographs of yards and churches from the area around Schramberg
Photos from six generations
[as of 28-May-2005]
(31) Statistical considerations about geneological tables in general and about my geneological table in particular

(attainable quantity of ancestors, ancestor loss by blood relationship, generation widths...)
[as of 4-March-2007]
(32) Historic hike suggestions for the Schramberg area
[as of 27-May-2005]

Information on the former Herrschaft Schramberg and the former imperial city Rottweil

(33) Herrschaft Schramberg
Logo of the pages about the former Herrschaft Schramberg
Information on the history of the former Herrschaft Schramberg
[as of 9-June-2004]
(34) Reichsstadt Rottweil Flag of Great Britain
Logo of the pages about the Reichsstadt Rottweil
A lot of information about the area round the city Rottweil -
Historical and geographical facts, documents, sources and literature
[as of Summer 2004]

Links and Guestbook

(35) Links to other genealogical pages from the area around Schramberg and
Links to other interesting pages about ancestor and family research
[as of 24-February-2007]

(36) G U E S T B O O K

Questions, comments, supplements, suggestions and criticism